Stop wasting your valuable time on the 97% of your activities that really are not making a worthwhile difference...

ARE YOU .....
Are You passionate about Your life and Your work?
Are You the best in the world at what You do?
Are You paid according to the current market price or according to Your real value?
Are You currently in the #1 position in Your category?
Do You receive instant and automatic credibility wherever You go?
Are You highly differentiated - no else is doing what You do?
Do You have a powerful selling story that grabs customer attention every time?
Do You have a clear and detailed profile of who is your Optimum Client?

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"With the help of this amazing technology we have seen double digit growth in less than six months."  David. L  , Denver, CO


This system is magnificent. We moved from fuzzy thinking
and shotgun ad spend, to laser precision marketing and cut our
ad spend by  90%. The quality of our clients has jumped,
and we no longer have to fight them to keep them coming back,
now they almost beg us to sign up again and again.
Highly, Highly Recommended"
Charles Shadee, Atlanta GA

 "Pierre is an outstanding business coach. He challenged me, encouraged me, and supported me as I made my way to building a stable financial future for my company. His resources and personal challenges have proved to be invaluable to me. He is great!" - Louis G. Brown, small business owner, Orlando, FL


"These powerful systems and Pierre have changed my business life. When we first met with Pierre we felt nervous, scared, embarased and guilty about our enormous out of control marketing binges. He offered solid advice from day one and we have not looked back since. The program that he put us on is our lifeline. We have seen our earnings double in less than six months. We always make decisions with the plan in mind first. Pierre developed a power relationship with us that  continues well beyond our initial guilty visits."- Chris Smith. Athens, GA
How To Immediately "Add Another Zero"
To Your Current Income..

By Knowing The  One Thing You Must Do  In Each Of
Your 7 Business Sweet Spot Zones To
Be Successful.

Just imagine ... if you found a single business concept that eliminates
the 97% of "stuff" in your business that is blocking you from succeeding.

Discover how these 7 most important metrics
directly link to your profit and loss statement... So that you can measure the impact of everything you do in your business.

Discover how simplifying your business using the "One Thing" guidance system to find your Sweet Spots, will "add another zero" to your income within 6 months.

What You Don't Know - Can't Harm You?  Yeah Right...

Most business owners are not even aware of what these 7 Business Profit Centers or "Sweet Spots" are -  that bring them the most reward with the least effort. Do you?

Do you want to boost your business performance. Discover how to focus on the "One Thing" that defines your business sweet spots so that none of your business efforts are ever wasted again!

I'll share with you my discovery of what Apple's secret for success is. This eye-opening insight I learned from a Forensic CPA, with inside information on how Apple applied this "one thing" principle and turned their bankrupt company within a few years into a cash making machine,  which brought in 40 Billion Dollars last year, and made them #1 in the Mobile Phone Market!

P.S. And how you can use this same insight too, to double your business almost instantly.

P.P.S Only today’s leading entrepreneurs know that every business plan NOT built on this key foundation is doomed to fail.

WARNING: Everything I Demonstrate Is 100% Proprietary.
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Where Is Your Sweet Spot?

All businesses have sweet spots that are where their power points lie. Find out how to leverage them to add an extra "0" to your income in the next six months.

Every business has 7 critical business Sweet Spots that are undertapped or have not even been identified. For companies wanting fast growth, it's about adding an extra "0" to the end of their income within the next 6 months.

NOTE: Most business owners are too close to their business, too busy working in it to see their sweet spot opportunities. Using this process you can instantly step outside of your business, and apply this power packed 2-pronged process, to spot your profitable sweet spots.    

Don't work IN your business - Work ON your business!

What's The Problem?

  • The painful problem most business owners face, is that no-one has properly identified the underlying causes of why they are struggling. They just know they are struggling but they don't know why?

  • Now you can develop the ability to immediately identify the underlying causes of your business pains and struggles.

  • Using our proprietary Business Assessment Tool that I show case at speaking engagements and business conferences, you can gain access to a strategic assessment of your business that will enable you to measure :-  what's working and what's not - in each of your 7 critical business profit zones.

Outside Of This Assessment Tool That You Will Get Access To,
I Will Show You Why None Of The Conventional Business Models
Will Ever Be Able To Help You OvercomeYour Limitations.

Why Peak Performance?

  • I am also going to show you how to integrate these 7 critical areas to hit your business sweet spot every time. And how to instantly get yourself into your "peak performance" zone, to access your hidden strengths and give you a huge edge over your competition.

  • With this single focus you will achieve 10x more, with 10x less effort. You will enjoy every minute you're in your business and experience the personal success you're always wanted but never been able to achieve before.

  • Access this stealth process that allowed a lowly engineer to turn his expertise into a marketing goldmine of profits in less than 30 minutes per day. Using this simple yet effective monetizing formula you can conquer any market category, and make your competitors wonder how you did it so quickly.

 Charles Shadee, Atlanta GA had this to say ....
"This system is magnificent. We moved from fuzzy thinking
and shotgun ad spend, to laser precision marketing and cut our
ad spend by  90%. The quality of our clients has jumped,
and we no longer have to fight them to keep them coming back,
now they almost beg us to sign up again and again.
Highly, Highly Recommended"

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Do NOT even think of going to work tomorrow and doing your regular business until you know how to refine what you do and why you do it, using this killer formula and system.

The biggest problem that entrepreneurs have today is how to focus on the few things that actually produce cash flow right now.

In other words, how is it possible to guarantee that your energy and attention is always on the most profitable functions in your business? And how can you easily priortitize  your activities and know which opportunities and activities to say "no" to in the moment. So that are profitably rewarded at the end of the day, instead of feeling stressed from all that "not yet done" stuff?

NOTE: This system will prove to you, that doing your most productive tasks is not necessarily an accurate indicator that your efforts have been successful. In fact they may have failed miserably when it comes to judging them by the most valuable metrics - generating you cash flow and profitable rewards.

Sweet Spot Prioritizing is the ultimate way to make a ton of money — especially if you have this stealth system I will show you,  that tests every action before you decide to commit to it. 

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