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Allot urges VARs to take another look - CRN - UK

Allot urges VARs to take another lookCRN - UK"Some of the old views of Allot need to be upgraded," Kilpatrick said. "With the additions to the portfolio we need to go out there, bring new partners on and get the new message to market. It's not the same company people looked at five or ten years ...and more »

What Kind of 'Liker' Are You? - Huffington Post (blog)

What Kind of 'Liker' Are You?Huffington Post (blog)The Agreeable liker: Consistently affable and complimentary, the Agreeable liker lives up to their name, agreeing with pretty much whatever you say. Either you've nailed the message-to-market beautifully and they genuinely do agree with you, or they ...

Ontario Securities Commission may get teeth, but it needs bite - Financial Post

Financial PostOntario Securities Commission may get teeth, but it needs biteFinancial Post... Toronto Region Board of Trade. “Cases that have a meaningful impact by sending a strong deterrence message to market participants. This is necessary to give investors confidence that those who do not play by the rules will not benefit from such ...and more »

Coca-Cola Takes On Fizzling Sales

Multi-faceted approach set to give Coca-Cola life in the shrinking soda market with product innovation, diversity, and more.