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The Law of Trust

Assuming your products or services are priced competitively and are of good quality, your most significant sales barrier is trust. Trust is the essential lubricant of Web business; without trust, business grinds to a halt.

An established store brand name derives from hundreds of positive impressions built by continuous expensive advertising campaigns. These ads purchase brand trust over time. But when you're a small business you can't afford such expensive advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, you can build trust through your website in multiple ways. First, anchor your business in time and space by displaying your full address and phone number. If you have an office or brick-and-mortar store, show a photograph of it on your web page. Better yet, show photos of yourself and your staff. Now your customers will view you as real people rather than some faceless cyber entity from who-knows-where.

You also build trust by selling big brand name products, by displaying clear shipping and return policies, by displaying your membership of nationally-respected organizations, and by offering personal guarantees. You will also build trust with a customer friendly navigation system on your web site and an easy to use interface. Add SSL secure server for credit card transactions to ensure trusted e-purchases. You gain credibility by having a professionally designed site, rather than something your teenage son developed over the weekend.

Once you've established trust, sales result. You can also build trust by repeated contact with your visitors.



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