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Joy through good health! There is nothing more important to your happiness factor than taking proper care of your body. There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep to make you feel better. Well, maybe a perfect diet, proportioned in fat, carbohydrates, proteins and calories. Oh, I almost forgot the benefit of a good exercise program will do wonders for your health and well-being. Taking care of your health is an integral part of taking care of your mental well-being. It’s hard to feel happy if you don’t get proper nutrition, sleep or exercise, no matter how hard you try to keep a positive attitude. If you don’t feel rested or fueled, happiness is going to be just beyond your reach. Take time to get the rest you need. Go to bed earlier than usual, but don’t disturb your natural rhythm too much. Eat smaller meals, but more frequently, to keep your blood sugar levels regular. Eat fresh foods; lots of fresh fruit and vegetables will help keep your energy levels up, and make sure to include some proteins for long-term energy. Exercise tells your brain to release “happy hormones”, called endorphins. Regular exercise that makes you breathe just a little bit hard helps you to burn fat and to get the added benefit of the endorphins that give you a burst of energy and a sense of well-being. Take control of your own body as a way of making yourself happier. By making better food choices, getting plenty of quality rest and getting more exercise is a sure-fire way of increasing you “happy factor”.



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PARIS - Four French journalists taken hostage in Syria last year were freed on Saturday after a 10-month ordeal in the world's most dangerous country for the media.

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Pope Francis says government "plays a fundamental role, one which cannot be delegated," to work for the common good of all. He says that includes education, access to health care, and a job.

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Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter announces the Good News of the Resurrection of Christ to the Jews. He announces three things about Jesus. First, Peter recalls that Jesus worked mighty deeds, wonders and signs. God :worked these signs through Jesus the Nazorean.

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Whiskey, Gin or Cognac bring “lots of joy and happiness” to those who drink them, says Paul Skehan, the boss of SpiritsEurope. But he also admits spirits have “a double side to them” and worries about attempts to overtax a sector whose exports are booming, especially in Asia.

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Mentally ill left with no advocacy program FOR DECADES, the Mental Health Treatment Guardian Program in the Albuquerque area has... more »